Security Services Company

You need a security services company and security guard agency in Mississauga that is experienced, customer-focused, and equally dedicated to providing excellent service. Together with our partners, we have perfected the skill of listening and creating best practices. Discover why Alegna security service is the partner they can trust, according to our clients.

Top Professional Security Services Company & Security Guard in Mississauga

Alegna is the largest privately owned and operated Security Services Company and security guard service provider in Mississauga & Toronto. Our company is built on the years of trust of our clients all over Mississauga.

We hold a unique position in the market because of our access to huge international providers’ expertise, local resources, and skills, but we continue to uphold the fundamental family business principles, client care, and customer-centric emphasis on which Alegna security service company was built in Mississauga.

With your safety, comfort, and convenience in mind, it is our objective to secure your homes and businesses while also offering help and top-notch customer security service. We are the best Security Services Company in Mississauga.

Various Security Services Company & Security Guard Agency We Offer in Mississauga

With over 600 customer locations throughout Mississauga average client retention of more than ten years, we are delighted to be the subject matter experts in the markets we serve. The following markets are served by our principal clients:

  • Condominium
  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality

Front Desk Security Services

Alegna Security offers a friendly, highly-professional staff that cares about how they portray your brand to ensure that your renters and residents receive the white glove treatment in Mississauga. Forge enduring relationships that lead to year after year of lease renewals for property managers that want to provide great security guard service and peace of mind for their tenants.

Security Guard Services Company

We strive to help to know that the most important assets are at risk, whether we are guarding a construction or warehouse site, keeping an eye on the crowd at an event, or closely watching a person.

We treat people and places as though they were our own. We turn into your go-to resource for information and knowledge regarding security operations in Mississauga.Security operations are approached differently by us. We are breaking the norm and providing people with long-term jobs in security in a field with a high turnover rate. They become your go-to source and security subject-matter specialists. We are informed, reliable, and courteous.

Risk Management

In an increasingly complex and unsafe world, security risk management provides the peace of mind that comes with finding and mitigating potential threats before an incident ever occurs. From HR-related termination security to building assessments, to executive protection, our risk management team knows what threats to look for and deters them before there‚Äôs ever an issue.

You’ll grow accustomed to seeing familiar and welcoming faces who genuinely care about making a difference for your organization. We can keep some of the greatest individuals in the sector thanks to our people-first philosophy. With chances for training and career progression, we invest in them. They thereby continuously provide the greatest service available.