Security - Frequently Asked Questions

GTA Security Guards

The law in Canada forbids the carrying of any weapons, despite the fact that many operators have received training with a variety of weapons.

For anyone whose life or safety could be in danger while travelling or in any other public environment. In UK possession of guns is illegal.

Three primary categories have is used to group the security guard training:

  • Basic security guard training (BSG)
  • General security guard training (GSG)
  • Occupation health and safety (OHS)
  • Building a strong online presence
  • Understanding and defining your ideal customers
  • Focusing on customer or client satisfaction

Cyber Security

Security controls are classified into three types: Management security, operational security, and physical security controls.

All actions involving your credentials are your responsibility. AVOID leaving private data lying around the office.

Residential & Commercial Security

When you employ trained security guards they are trained to cope with situation that may affect your company’s operations.

When there is a serious threat to the home or the occupants, a qualified security guard can keep your family safe.

Security & Safety

Yes, we are licensed security company.

One security guard should be present for every 100 guests is the general rule of thumb.

Patrols can be either mobile or on foot. Various techniques may be employed with each sort of patrol, based on a variety of variables.

A private investigator could legally track your phone in a few scenarios.