Alegna Security Services Inc. is a new and innovative business providing licensed, uniformed security personnel for condominium corporations, commercial businesses, private events, mobile patrol and other businesses. Our personnel are properly screened, trained and qualified to provide the security services requested by our clients.

Founded in 2015, Alegna Security Services Inc. mission is to be the industry leader in the field of professional security services. We do this by:

  • Providing quality and professional security services and personnel to our clients
  • Providing outstanding support services far above industry standards
  • Responding quickly to our clients
  • Providing the latest technology to facilitate our operation and services
  • Supporting our staff in the field
  • Being accountable for our actions
  • Continuing to develop new practices and operational guidelines to ensure that our services are the best
  • Caring about our clients and the communities we serve
  • Forming professional relationships with our clients

About Us


We are a team that is dedicated to being the best and growing together to reach the pinnacle of success. We strive to serve our clients better than any other security company and do whatever it takes to make our clients proud they chose Alegna Security Services Inc. as their security provider.

Founder of Alegna Security Services

Since our inception, Alegna Security Services Inc. has been totally focused on building a customer service based brand.

The first step to creating a total positive experience for each customer is to know who your customer is and what your customer wants. We stay in touch with the constant changes and help our employees learn to create positive points of contact with each customer by treating them like partners and communicating with heart. We strive for Customer Service Excellence.

We strive to provide the kind of customer service we all want to receive and recognize the importance of approaching customers with respect, friendliness and a sincere desire to help.

Our objective is to offer a positive outcome to every customer request. Our guards learn to value people, improve listening skills, listen to peoples’ requirements and remember that a smile always creates a friendly environment!

We train all our staff to treat everybody – clients, visitors, the public and their colleagues the way they would like and expect to be treated themselves. Everybody can relate to this simple philosophy and as managers we lead by example.